Mission & Vision

Urban Land Conservancy acquires, preserves and develops real estate to under-served areas for long term community benefit. By making sound real estate investments that include land banking and land trusts, we provide low-income communities with affordable housing, schools and nonprofit office space to strengthen neighborhoods for current residents and future generations.

What we do

The Urban Land Conservancy (ULC) is a nonprofit organization that invests in real estate for the long-term benefit of Colorado communities. ULC preserves land and buildings in urban areas to enrich neighborhoods and preserve community assets for future generations.

ULC acquires and holds strategic sites in anticipation of market changes. ULC forms long-term partnerships with nonprofit, for-profit, and governmental organizations and collaborating on land banking and community-inspired development strategies.

ULC works to address displacement and gentrification issues that communities are facing now for both housing and commercial space through what we call an “In-Placement” Strategy: using a Community Land Trust model to curb displacement and preserve long-term affordable housing, combined with a Collective Impact approach which provides a comprehensive well aligned multi-sector path towards eventual economic self-sufficiency.

For a full list of our projects, visit our Community Assets and Investment page.

Strategies & Tools

Land Banking

When land is expensive, it is often unfeasible to use it for community-oriented facilities such as libraries or schools. ULC acquires land and buildings at today’s prices to ensure that these properties will be available to serve urban communities when rising prices would otherwise make it too expensive in the future.

Community Development

Certain challenging community projects – such as redeveloping a brownfield into an environmentally and socially responsible community – require more capital, resources, and coordination than any single organization or entity may possess. ULC provides expertise and resources to community partners and facilitates the community development process.


In circumstances where an area is losing affordable options, we help by preserving buildings in the neighborhood for both domestic and commercial use. This allows both community members and non profit  rent affordably.




In January 2018, Shift Research Lab published a report titled, Exploring Colorado’s Housing Affordability Challenges in All of Their ComplexityThe report argues that Colorado’s housing crisis is largely a supply issue, and now is the time to develop innovative approaches to improving our housing system.

Urban Land Conservancy acquires, develops and preserves community real estate assets in urban areas for a variety of community needs such as schools, affordable housing, community centers and office space for nonprofits. ULC’s unique approach and creative methods to improve the Denver region through strategic real estate development has been noted in CityLab from The Atlantic and The Guardian.

urban land conservancy land banking in Denver

When land is expensive, it is often unfeasible to use it for community-oriented facilities such as libraries or senior housing. ULC acquires land and buildings at today’s prices to preserve these properties for the community.

Challenging community projects require more capital, resources, and coordination than any single organization  may possess. ULC provides expertise and resources to facilitates the community development process.

In circumstances where an existing community asset is in danger of closing, ULC works to preserve the building and land so that the organization can continue to serve the community.