Our Mission

ULC preserves, develops, stewards and manages permanently affordable real estate to positively impact lives and communities in Colorado.

Our Vision

ULC’s vision is for underserved populations and those at risk of displacement to be able to live and thrive within vibrant diverse neighborhoods that have physical assets and resources necessary for individuals to enjoy a high quality of life. These assets and resources include but are not limited to:

  • affordable housing
  • transportation
  • office space for nonprofits
  • childcare
  • job training
  • good schools
  • health care, and
  • other support services.



We serve under resourced populations at risk of displacement by creating access to opportunity through our work.


We promote a culture that invites and respects diverse points of view


We seek to understand community needs and create partnerships to carry out our work


We steward real estate for long term community benefit

Environmental Responsibility

We are committed to practices that improve energy efficiency and sustainability of the natural environment


In January 2018, Shift Research Lab published a report titled, Exploring Colorado’s Housing Affordability Challenges in All of Their ComplexityThe report argues that Colorado’s housing crisis is largely a supply issue, and now is the time to develop innovative approaches to improving our housing system.

In 2003, ULC was founded by Sam Gary (Gary Williams Energy) when he noticed an immediate need to preserve community assets in Metro Denver. 20 years later, and our mission to preserve and develop real estate for long term community benefit is as relevant as ever. Our unique approach and innovative techniques to increase affordable options through strategic real estate development have resulted in many investments throughout Metro Denver and beyond.