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Preserving, developing, stewarding, and managing permanently affordable housing and shared office space for nonprofits and mission-minded organizations in
Metro Denver and surrounding communities.


Villa Park Community Spotlight

The Villa Park Neighborhood is located in West Denver, about three miles west of Downtown Denver. It is chiefly composed of single-family homes with some apartment buildings and townhomes. The neighborhood has access to parks, trails (including the Lakewood Dry Gulch), highways, the RTD West Line connecting Denver to Golden, and beautiful views of the city and mountains. As many Denver neighborhoods continue to become more less affordable, ULC has made an effort to create additional affordable housing opportunities within Villa Park.

Colorado CarShare Partner Spotlight

What started, in 1997, with a few neighborhood friends in Boulder who wanted to reduce their environmental impact by sharing ownership of a car has grown into one of the country’s first nonprofit Electric Vehicle (EV) carshare programs. Colorado CarShare’s mission is to empower communities to live a car-free lifestyle and positively impact their health, wealth, and shared environment. They aim to make Colorado a “cooler,” healthier, and more socially equitable place to live.

2020 Snapshot: A Year (Like No Other) In Review

2020 through the lens of our strategic framework.