Urban Land Conservancy

When land is unaffordable,
communities suffer

Historically underserved communities across the Front Range are facing unaffordable rent, displacement, and loss of services as community organizations are priced out. These communities don’t just deserve affordable real estate, but also the amenities and resources necessary to create thriving, vibrant neighborhoods.

Since 2003, Urban Land Conservancy has been committed to securing the future of communities in metro Denver and beyond by preserving, developing, stewarding, and managing permanently affordable housing and commercial real estate for nonprofits and mission-minded organizations.

We use innovative funding methods to maximize our impact, and we partner with fantastic organizations that are helping us build the world we want to live in.

An aerial photo of Thriftway Pocket Park in Westwood

Properties for Sale or Lease

Is your nonprofit facing spiking rent prices? Want to stay close to your community, but can’t afford it? Are you looking to relocate or grow?

ULC offers affordable office space to nonprofits, social advocacy groups, and mission-minded organizations at an average of 30% less than market rate. Our goal is to allow your organization to serve your community, without worrying about rent. Check out our properties today, and ask about flexible lease terms and rates!


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