Ours to Own: Denver Initiative

In Ours to Own Metro Denver, Calvert Foundation has created a unique opportunity for residents to invest in their own communities – one of those ways is through the real estate work of Urban Land Conservancy.

With a Facility Fund created through investments made by:

  • Piton Foundation
  • Gary Community Investments
  • Colorado Health Foundation
  • The Denver Foundation, and
  • The Colorado Trust

ULC has fully deployed $10M in capital resources for the purchase of impactful real estate in the metro area that will provide community benefit.

What is Ours to Own?

Ours to Own is an innovative investment tool that allows ordinary citizens to invest as little as $20 — while earning returns — to contribute in projects and small businesses that strengthen the Metro Denver community. Through the Ours to Own investments, money flows through the local economy and creates opportunity for our friends, family and fellow citizens.

We believe that we all have a stake in mobilizing communities that serve and celebrate all Front Range residents. By engaging people to invest in the success of our community — and directly benefit from that success financially and socially — the initiative establishes a sustainable foundation for our neighborhoods to serve us all.

Urban Land Conservancy is a key partner:

ULC is thrilled to be partnering with Ours to Own. By providing our organization with a new source of capital, the Ours to Own Community Investment Note furthers our mission to acquire, develop, and preserve community real estate assets.

ULC has utilized the fund to invest in three properties that provide important real estate settings to fulfill a community’s need including: land for affordable housing and commercial space and two nonprofit centers that house a total of 13 organizations and provide almost 300 jobs, all with access to public transportation. The capital provided by the Ours to Own campaign allows ULC to expand our work in the areas of greatest need across metro Denver while also allowing our community to gain a modest return from our work.

How can I, or someone I know, invest?

Join the movement today.