Urban Land Conservancy (ULC) is requesting proposals for the development of our Thriftway property in Westwood. ULC acquired the .77 acre Thriftway site in 2014 and promptly demolished the building in the summer of 2014. Due to community safety concerns the redevelopment of the property became a top priority for local residents, community stakeholders and the Denver Office of Economic Development (OED). In 2016, ULC and partners completed the Thriftway Pocket Park, which has served as interim use for the space. The park includes a futsal court, walking path, benches and an area for community gardens. ULC later received a grant from Wells Fargo to add a children’s playground, which was completed and installed in 2017.

ULC will work with a development partner to pursue a redevelopment effort that addresses the needs and priorities of the neighborhood. In collaboration with the community and partner stakeholders, ULC wishes to create an innovative community asset in the heart of Westwood. Based on the results of the community engagement sessions facilitated by Studio CPG, ULC wishes to work with a development partner to execute the vision of a multi-generational community hub, envisioned to include flexible space for youth and senior programming, educational and mentorship opportunities, youth after school programming, event space and office space for various non-profit entities.

Ultimately, ULC is seeking development proposals to align with community priorities for a catalytic mixed-use development that will provide new opportunities for Westwood residents. For more information, please contact:

Lauren DeBell, Senior Real Estate Associate

Urban Land Conservancy – 1600 Downing Street, Suite 300 Denver, CO 80218 (phone) 303-377-4477 ext. 230 ldebell@urbanlandc.org

In 2017, ULC opened a futsal court and pocket park for interim use at the Thriftway site in Westwood
In 2017, ULC opened a futsal court and pocket park for interim use at the Thriftway site in Westwood

RFP Timeline:

Site Visit #1:   Nov 16th, 2018 (11:30 AM)

Site Visit #2:  Nov 27th, 2018 (1:00 PM)

Q&A Period Deadline: December 7th, 2018

RFP Submission Deadline:  January 9th, 2019

ULC Review/ Short List Announced: January 31st, 2019