As Metro Denver’s reputation as an increasingly unaffordable region grows, the need for quality affordable office space is at an all-time high. As Denver’s economy booms, many of the region’s local businesses, mission minded organizations and nonprofits alike are faced with the reality of dramatically increasing rents. The cost? Our region is threatened by loss of critical community serving organizations whose work not only stimulates economic growth but provides services for our most vulnerable populations.

Since our inception in 2003, Urban Land Conservancy (ULC) has recognized the growing need for both affordable housing and community serving space. In alignment with our mission to preserve and develop real estate for long term community benefit, we continue to identify opportunities that will positively impact local communities. We have come to realize that as Denver becomes an exclusive market, the needs in neighboring municipalities are growing.

In 2018, Adams County approached ULC with an opportunity to acquire the former Adams County Human Services building in Commerce City. Located adjacent to the 72nd and Colorado boulevard station on RTD’s N Line Commuter Rail, the newly named South Platte Crossing is a vacant six story office building with more than 80,000 square feet of office space. Commerce City’s scarcity in rental space for service providing organizations made the acquisition critically important in supporting the greater community. In December 2018, ULC announced our acquisition of South Platte Crossing in partnership with Adams County. ULC will own and operate four floors of the building, providing below market rates to mission minded tenants.

As a new owner of the building, ULC is excited to announce that we are seeking mission minded and nonprofit organizations to lease space at South Platte Crossing. This is a great opportunity to lease affordable office space with like-minded community serving organizations in the Metro Denver region. In an effort to promote true affordability, ULC prioritizes transit oriented developments (TODs) when acquiring real estate. TODs provide convenient access to jobs and housing, produce more walkable and sustainable communities and create opportunities for people of all incomes. South Platte Crossing boasts nearby transit accessibility, hundreds of parking spaces and quick access to multiple highways including I-70, I-270, I-76 and Highway 85.

ULC has already secured our first tenant – a nonprofit organization serving Commerce City, Denver, Westminster and Thornton. “Cultivando is a leadership, advocacy and capacity building organization that works in collaboration with community leaders and partners. Their work is built on the foundation of community-led work, social justice and collaborative leadership. Their work includes culturally-relevant trainings, building collaboration and advocacy around equity, inclusion, HEAL and other self-identified community issues, with a focus on building the capacity and supporting the voice of community leaders to impact sustainable change.”

ULC is beyond excited to officially welcome Cultivando to the building, and we are proud to support their mission through quality affordable office space. ULC is looking forward to the community of mission minded organizations that will soon make South Platte Crossing their home.

If you would are interested in learning more about leasing opportunities at South Platte Crossing, please contact ULC’s Senior Property Manager, Rebecca Landau: 720.699.0329 |