From ULC Interns to Changemakers

ULC has had some incredible interns over the years, and we invited them to share their experiences and the impact their internship had on them professionally. Many of these talented individuals now work on various mission-driven projects in leadership roles—from city planners to founders and executive directors of community-serving organizations, both locally and across the country. We are thrilled to share the following video project: From ULC Interns to Changemakers, offering you a glimpse into a new generation of leaders in the realm of community development. Please enjoy!

ULC’s current intern, Chee Xiong, introduces the Intern to Changemaker Project!

Princella Afriyie

Interned Year: 2019 

Worked on NeighborhoodWorks and Walnut Street Loft

Education: University of Colorado  – Denver, B.A.  

Current Position: Goodwill, Immigrant Services Program

Joshua Burdick

Interned Year: 2009 

Worked on Transit Oriented Funding, Curtis Park Community Center, and Santa Fe Ten

Education: Grinnell College, B.A. & Wharton School of Business, MBA

Current Position: Director, Align Real Estate

Jonathan Cappelli 

Interned Year: 2012 

Worked on Thriftway, Westwood & National Community Reinvestment Coalition 

Education: St. Olaf College, B.A. & University of Colorado – Denver, M.U.R.P 

Current Position: Director, Neighborhood Development Collaborative

Jordan Hallman

Interned Year: 2015 

Worked on West Colfax, Holly Square, and Community Connector 

Education: Knox College, B.A. & University of California – Los Angeles, M.U.R.P  

Current Position: Planning Assistant, Los Angeles City  

Erin McMillin

Interned Year: 2019

Worked with Real Estate Department  

Education: University of Colorado – Boulder, B.A. 

Current Position: Property Manager, ULC 

Alana Romans 

Interned Year: Feb-May 2016

Worked with: Communications and Operations Teams, 303 ArtWay Heritage Trail

Education: Elon University – B.A. in Journalism 

Current Position: Chief of Staff & C3EN Director, Lyra Colorado

James Roy II 

Interned Year: 2010 

Worked on Holly Square and Master Site Department 

Education: University of Colorado  – Denver, B.A. & M.U.R.P (Anticipated)

Current Position: Executive Director, Denver Metro Community Impact

Itamar Steiner

Interned Year: 2021 (current) 

Worked with Real Estate Team on Impact East Colfax Initiatives 

Education: University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign

Current Position: Student

Marissa Walker 

Interned: 2019-2020

Worked with the Communications Team and conducted ULC’s Evaluation Framework

Education: Cornell University, B.A, and Denver University School of Social Work, M.A. 

Current Position: Development Associate at Denver Public Schools Foundation