Urban Land Conservancy (ULC) is known for its work counteracting displacement through preserving, developing, stewarding, and managing permanently affordable housing, libraries, schools, and parks. However, it is often a surprise to many that ULC’s efforts to address community disparities include the acquisition, ownership, and management of commercial buildings throughout the Denver Metro Area. 

Ever budget-conscious, nonprofits must be prudent in managing their administrative and operating budgets, and rent can be a huge expense. As prices for commercial real estate continue to rise, ULC has made it a goal to provide office, school, kitchen, flex, light industrial, and retail space to mission-driven organizations at deeply discounted rates. ULC currently operates 11 commercial buildings and campuses, and our nonprofit tenants typically see at least 35% savings compared to market rates, and we work hard to keep these costs as low as possible because we know that spending less on rent means more money for vital community services.

The global pandemic has brought even more strain to the already tight budgets of many local nonprofit organizations. ULC has seen several great organizations struggle to retool and restructure in this new paradigm. Funding has fluctuated, if not evaporated for many, and the future remains unclear. Meanwhile, inflation and supply chain issues have caused the cost of doing business to spiral upward. Even so, we remain as committed as ever to partnering with the broad array of organizations that are working tirelessly to carry out their missions. 

Staff members of Vuela for Health, a mission-minded organizations at Urban Land Conservancy's Tramway Nonprofit Center

Staff members of Vuela for Health, a mission-minded organization at Urban Land Conservancy’s Tramway Nonprofit Center

ULC continues to seek out and acquire properties in low-income communities and those at high risk for resident displacement. This enables community-focused nonprofits to be near their constituents. Two examples are the ColfaxLab for social good (formerly the Citywide Bank Building) on East Colfax in Aurora and the newly renamed Mosaic Community Campus in Park Hill (formerly Johnson & Wales Campus).

As organizations begin the journey back to a sense of “normalcy,” returning to the office requires careful deliberation. Organizations are weighing the newfound flexibility offered by remote work versus the traditional benefits of in-person collaboration. Both have value, but sometimes ducking into someone’s office is often much more productive and effective than a Zoom call and working in an office complex with other like-minded, mission-oriented organizations brings excitement and synergy that cannot be replicated remotely, especially if renting this space adds to the bottom line. 

ULC is eager to share these unique collaborative office opportunities and invites you to investigate and learn more. There are currently spaces available at our Mountain View Nonprofit Tower, Colfax Lab, South Platte Crossing, and Harlan Nonprofit Centers

Reach out to us for your nonprofit real estate needs and see if there is a space that fits your needs!