Urban Land Conservancy (ULC), with support from the City and County of Denver’s Office of Economic Development, was proud to announce the acquisition of the Curtis Park Community Center in January of 2012.  The property includes two buildings:  a 13,000 sq. ft. community center building (including a gym and training/meeting space) and a smaller administrative building (office space) of 5,700 sq. ft.  ULC is looking forward to renovating the center as a productive, beneficial asset to the Curtis Park community.  It was owned for almost 70 years by American Baptist Church of the Rocky Mountain Region, who chose to sell it and support ULC’s mission of acquiring and preserving real estate for long-term community benefit.

The community center is located 5 blocks from several bus routes at East 30th and Downing and 4 blocks from the Welton and 29th light rail station in downtown Denver.  It will serve as part of Denver Shared Spaces, offering the gym and meeting spaces for community use.  ULC is working with several local nonprofits to office at this site including:  Family Star Montessori Program who will be operating a high-quality preschool program and African-American Leadership Institute, a 20 year old leadership development organization, will also be offering programming services.