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Primary Mission

To ensure that the Metro Denver regional transit system fosters communities that offer all residents the opportunity for a high quality of life.

Mile High Connects a partnership of private, philanthropic and nonprofit organizations committed to developing inclusive, affordable, and livable communities within walking distance of transit. We work collaboratively to ensure the existing and future transit system expansion enables all people to connect to the opportunities that can lead to a more affordable, better quality of life. MHC is focused on using transit to link people to the places they live, work, learn and play in a safe, convenient and affordable manner.


We Achieve Our Mission By:

  • Increasing resources to build affordable inclusive communities along transit system.
  • Influence policy to ensure that all people are involved and considered in urban and economic planning.
  • Increasing resident engagement in neighborhoods directly affected by the expanding transit system.
  • Leveraging the existing and expanding transit system to link affordable housing with jobs, schools, and health services.
  • Working to make the entire transit system more accessible to residents of the Metro Denver region’s disadvantaged communities.

Go to to access the Denver Regional Equity Atlas, created to help raise awareness among a wide range of stakeholders in the Metro Denver region about the benefits and opportunities that a robust transit system can create, including how issues such as housing, jobs, education and health are integrally linked to transportation access.