search for equity ULI

Last Friday, Urban Land Institute (ULI) hosted “The Search for Equity in Neighborhood Revitalization,” an interactive forum that brought together stakeholders, policy leaders and developers to discuss neighborhood development. The event was held at Mile High United Way in Denver.

According to ULI, the overarching goal was to, “discuss how to balance new investment with mitigating factors like affordable housing, economic opportunity vitality, and social justice. The forum will examine best practices for responsible development as well as policies that prevent or mitigate displacement, embrace growth, and preserve the cultural identity of neighborhoods.”

Aaron Miripol, President & CEO of Urban Land Conservancy presented as one of the many panelists for the event. Miripol addressed the audience on the benefits of the Community Land Trust model, a primary focus for ULC related investments. He added the importance of thorough community outreach and neighborhood understanding, a critical process for equitable real estate development.

“One of the primary challenges is a lack of time,” Miripol explained. “A thorough process to fully understand the neighborhood–its history, culture, values, hopes, and fears–can take literally years.”

The forum’s keynote speaker was Egbert Perry, the Chairman and CEO of the Integral Group. Urban Land Conservancy recently partnered with Integral for our development at 40th and Colorado, also known as ArtWay North. Perry began his career as a construction and real estate professional in 1979, which led to his eventual tenure with Integral. Perry co-founded Integral with a mission to, “create value in cities and (re)build the fabric of communities.” Since then, Integral has become a premier provider of sustainable real estate and community solutions in mature and emerging markets across the United States and abroad.

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