Great news in the office today as we learned that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is providing $50,000 in technical assistance to develop innovative green infrastructure options at the Blake TOD site.  ULC plans to use EPA resources to assess and integrate design features that will reduce polluted runoff and protect water quality.

The integration of green infrastructure may include features such as permeable surfaces, landscaping, rooftop detention, green roofs, rain gardens and stormwater planters.  The ultimate goal being a reduction in the amount of polluted runoff from entering storm drains and the South Platte River through rain and snow melt.

Stormwater management is a major challenge to water quality, the incorporation of green infrastructure will not only decrease pollution to waterways; this investment will provide community and economic benefits including job creation.

Blake will be revitalized as a mixed-use development including up to 130 workforce homes across from the commuter rail station on the East Line of FasTracks.  This is one more positive step for this development as it is always ULC’s goal to incorporate sustainable features into real estate projects.  Debra Bustos, ULC’s Director of Real Estate says, “We are grateful for EPA’s assistance in transforming this blighted property with forward- thinking green infrastructure.”  

Read the full EPA news release here.