This week’s staff meeting found us in the chic and modern workspace of Hangar 41 in the Santa Fe Art District. ULC is partnering with the architecture firm in the redevelopment of Santa Fe Ten, which is also located in the heart of the Art District. Santa Fe Ten is a mixed-use property purchased with transit oriented development (TOD) dollars that will provide workforce housing and affordable office space for neighborhood programs. 

Hangar 41 is the ideal partner for this project not only because of the creativity and skill they bring to their work, but also because of their commitment to building a stronger community. The firm is very involved in the neighborhood, displaying local artists’ work in the building and opening the office for First Friday Art Walk each month.

Tuesday’s staff meeting included a presentation of four exciting and innovative design concepts for Santa Fe Ten that will help us create an artist live/work space that utilizes light, color and design to cultivate a sense of community.

Beyond the design concepts, we were blown away by the vision Hangar 41 presented for a broad redevelopment of the entire Art District. “Destination Santa Fe:  Art District as a Catalyst,” will serve to make Santa Fe the arts center of Denver. The plan transforms the neighborhood into a more bikable, more walkable landscape that fosters an inviting and accommodating pedestrian culture.  The plan includes more outdoor seating in cafes, public art on corners and developed alleys.

ULC is so excited to unlock the potential of Santa Fe Ten, and to become a part of the vibrant community in the Santa Fe Art District.