What is the Tramway HUB?

The center or heart of the building.  A place where people will gather to meet and collaborate.  The HUB holds all the building’s shared spaces:  restrooms, kitchen, shower facility, parenting room, teleco, building storage, janitorial room, on site manager office and 3 conference rooms.


Scope of Construction – Reconfiguring the entire core of the building which will create:

›  Better circulation and connectivity for tenants to access common areas of building

›  Brand new and updated restrooms, kitchen, shower facility, parenting room, telecom room, building storage, janitorial room, electrical room, on site manager office and 3 conference rooms.

›  Better Security for our daycare provider – Early Excellence

›  Better Access to Restrooms, which will meet ADA compliance

›  Increased Emergency Exiting options

›  More available Conference Room Space

›  A place where Young parents can use the Parenting room

›  Better Leasing and access of 2 Suites

›  Better Access to Janitorial/Building Supplies

›  Greater access to Janitorial sink

›  Upgraded electrical, plumbing, lighting, HVAC, flooring,  teleco wiring and more!


2014 Construction Timeline:

Initial Construction – Jan 2013 Mens renovation was completed, November 2013 – new north hallway, new “east huddle” conference room and on site manager office created

Phase 1 – Feb 19 to March 6, 2014 – New women’s restroom, reconfigured ADA compliant shower facility

Phase 2 –  March 7 to March 31st, 2014 , New center hallway, kitchen, parenting room, building storage, telecom, janitorial room, and electrical

Pricing – Approximately $250,000.  Huge thanks to the Denver Office of Economic Development  for providing a block grant of $175,000 so these multiple projects can be completed!!