In January of 2011, Tennyson Center for Children (TCC) purchased the city block where it operates at 29th Avenue and Tennyson Street in northwest Denver from ULC. Based on an innovative model in which ULC purchases urban assets in order to maintain, preserve or redevelop them for community benefit, ULC purchased the one-block, 4.12 acre campus in April 2005 and re-sold it to Tennyson Center for that same amount.


In further support of ULC’s mission, TCC agreed as part of the purchase that for 89 years, if TCC sells the property, it will be sold to another nonprofit entity with an education-focused mission.


A local foundation purchased the property and donated it to the Urban Land Conservancy.  The purchase and preservation of Tennyson was completed without taxpayer dollars and is a great example of how ULC maintains vital community real estate. Our work with Tennyson is a positive homegrown model for nonprofit real estate relationships.


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