With significant support and partnership with the City and County of Denver’s Office of Economic Development, ULC successfully acquired a 6 acre site in the Elyria Swansea neighborhood in Denver. Purchased in April 2015, ULC plans to develop the site to be a mixed-use development that will including affordable housing and other community assets.

This is ULC’s second largest land purchase and the second acquisition using the Calvert Foundation’s Facility Fund. This innovative fund was created in 2014 through the Ours to Own initiative, a campaign the gives metro Denver residents the opportunity to invest in community projects for amounts as low as $20, all while earning a return on their investment.

The property requires immediate rezoning to allow for the variety of future uses envisioned; and ULC plans to initiate a community engagement master site planning process for local resident and stakeholders. ULC expects to identify a development partner in 2016 to finance and construct the first phase of the multi-year project.