NEWSED Multi-Tenant Non-Profit Center


In partnership with NEWSED, ULC provided a $300,000 Program Related Investment loan to purchase the NEWSED Nonprofit Center. ULC specifically ensured the loan remained below market interest rate.  Located amid the Santa Fe Arts District, the nonprofit center is a 31,000 square foot commercial warehouse building. At the present time, the multi-tenant nonprofit center houses five nonprofit organizations all serving low income families in the metro Denver area. NEWSED successfully repaid their loan in 2016.

NEWSED Multi-Tenant Non-Profit Center

Written on October 10, 2011 at 2:02 am

Owned by NEWSED Community Development Corporation, 1029 Santa Fe Drive houses 5 non-profit organizations working in the Denver Metro community. The center was brought together through NEWSED’s offer of affordable rent and its desire to only house non-profit organizations. Derived from NEWSED’s mission, the center has a focus on serving low income people through education,
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