Check out the video below to see a day in the life for a NLCS student and their child.

New Legacy Charter School (NLCS), located in Original Aurora, is a school dedicated to the education of pregnant and/or parenting teens, along with childcare facilities for their children. The school is in its second year of operation and decided to open internship opportunities to students preparing for graduation. NLCS hoped that by giving their students the opportunity to experience day to day work environments, this could open doors and expose them to potential options for their future careers.

Urban Land Conservancy was part of this opportunity and welcomed Diana for six weeks. She was part of the administrative team, assisting with front desk responsibilities and learning how a nonprofit operates on a day to day basis.

“It helped me with the office skills, to get over some fears, learn more about my resume and my future,” Vazquez explained.

During her internship, Diana gave ULC a tour of her school and the opportunity to talk a little bit about her life as a young mom. She explained how NLCS has been a great help for her and her family, how the Early Learning Center improved her daughter’s education and how the high school provides help to many young parents who hope to continue their education.

A great cause like this deserves great recognition. Thank you to New Legacy Charter School for the amazing work you do each day, ensuring that young parents have a chance to continue their education – with their children right by their side.