Thanks to a mild winter and beautiful start to spring, ULC is thrilled to showcase the construction of New Legacy Charter High School. Thanks to our incredible team including JHL Constructors and SLATERPAULL Architects, a successful demolition took place last winter, and ULC was able to complete necessary site work so that structural foundation work could begin.

To give the building the stability needed for the long-term benefit to our community, 30 feet holes were drilled to pour concrete columns that tie to the building foundation. Exciting right?

On top of the 30 columns, we poured a thick slab of concrete that was reinforced by structural steel rods. This serves both as the building foundation and the will be the floors of the classrooms where students will soon be learning! As the steel framework of the building goes up, you can really begin to see the school take shape.

Keep checking back to see our progress bloom as quickly as the spring flowers!