The Park Hill community came together this afternoon to discuss steps that are being taken to further crime reduction in the neighborhood.



Brother Jeff Fard and Gerie Grimes talked with members of the media about the recent placement of a barricade at the intersection of 33rd and Hudson as part of the Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) program.  Community has mixed feelings about these barricades because of the lack of community involvement that took place prior to the installation.

“Everyone knows the community input process could have been better, but we have worked through this issue and are moving forward,” said Gerie Grimes, Chair of the Holly Area Redevelopment Project (HARP). “We all as a community will continue to work together to explore all opportunities that will benefit this community.”

CPTED will present the task force recommendations at this evening’s HARP meeting at 6:15pm at 3475 Holly Street.  All are welcome to attend and participate.

Watch the 9News coverage of the HARP meeting here.