Prodigal Son Initiative Inc has Completed the Vision Process and Incredible Design Concepts for the Holly Square Mural Project

Knowing that redevelopment of the Holly Square will take some time; the community is looking for short- and long-term ways of using the site for positive activities.  One immediate project that has been an outgrowth of the HARP process is the Holly Square Peace Mural Project. This project will be one of the largest Peace Murals in the United States and be emblematic of the Pride and Passion of the community.

The implementation of the Holly Square Peace Mural Project is part of the larger Holly Area Redevelopment Project (H.A.R.P.). The Holly Area Redevelopment Project (HARP) steering committee has been created to focus on viable and sustainable ideas for the successful redevelopment not only of The Holly, but also the surrounding neighborhood.  Assisted by the Denver Foundation’s Strengthening Neighborhoods Program, the N.E. Park Hill Coalition, Prodigal Son, Hiawatha Davis Rec. Center, and the Hope Center, the committee has engaged in a ‘visioning’ process regarding the opportunities for redevelopment.  Throughout this process, neighborhood residents – adults and children – will continue to provide input and organize.

The Holly Square Peace Mural Project is being led by Terrance Roberts of Prodigal Son Initiative Inc and includes the following collaborative partners.  This list will continue to grow!

  • The Prodigal Son Initiative (PSI)
  • Community by Design (CbD)
  • Community children and residents
  • The Denver Foundation
  • Denver Parks and Recreation
  • G.R.A.S.P.
  • The Hope Center
  • Peace Jam
  • Denver Parks and Rec. (Hiawatha Davis Recreation Center)
  • Cleo Parker Robinson Dance School
  • Shoe Shine Organizers (Musa and Ramue Bailey)
  • Denver Office of Cultural Affairs
  • State Senator Michael Johnston
  • FLY Magazine
  • The GrowHaus
  • K.N.U.W. Seeds
  • Kroenke Sports and Entertainment
  • The North East Park Hill Coalition
  • The Urban Land Conservancy (ULC)
  • The Flobots (Johnnie 5)
  • Carla Madison Office (City Council)
When completed, the Holly Square Peace Mural Project will include:
  • Six (6) individual murals, created and painted by local artists and community youth, painted onto the 22,000 square foot concrete slab that remains from the shopping center;
  • Three (3) basketball courts;
  • Twelve (12) steel pillars remaining from the shopping center will be incorporated as “peace columns” evocative of the community’s desire to build bridges between all age groups. Each column will be painted with ‘PEACE ON EARTH’ in a different language;

Prodigal Son will be involved in all aspects of the project, and will encourage youth they serve in the community to take ownership in this project.  The artists will mentor community youth through the process of designing, planning and painting the murals – an opportunity most of these wonderful youth have never had and a chance for them to engage their creativity to help their community.  Through this project and the artist mentors, the youth will improve their critical life skills (communication, teambuilding, cognitive thinking) through creative expression.  Community youth will be:

  • Participating on the planning committee that decides the design of the 12 murals;
  • Painting the steel columns and murals side-by-side with the local artists; and
  • Installing the basketball courts.

Prodigal Son is a critical partner of ULC who should be recognized and honored for the work they do in the northeast Park Hill community!