Curtis Park Community Center (CPCC), acquired by ULC in January of 2012, will soon undergo construction for tenant improvements.   The CPCC includes two buildings:  a community center with a gym and training/meeting space and a smaller historical administrative building.  Both buildings will be updated and constructed to include major improvements, with preservation and historical integrity included in the design concepts.

Construction to the administrative building will focus on rehabilitation and  preservation of the interior, bringing the space to a higher level of efficiency. The exterior will get a facelift as well with new landscaping framing the site. The community center will be renovated to accommodate six classrooms and a multi-use gym. The gym will be part of the Denver Shared Space Project and will be offered to outside organizations for use outside of school hours.

The administrative building is currently home to the African-American Leadership Institute, a 20 year old leadership development organization that offers programming services.  Family Star Montessori Program will run administrative offices in this building as well, as they operate a high-quality preschool program in the community center building beginning in October or November of 2012.

With construction expected to begin in early August, ULC is looking forward to the CPCC being occupied at full capacity, bringing additional services to the already thriving Curtis Park community.

If you have an interest in space available in the CPCC, please contact PJ Danehy, ULC Asset Manager,