ULC is incredibly proud of our friends and partners at Wyatt Academy, a charter school located in the Cole neighborhood adjacent to ULC’s Tramway Nonprofit Center. With a committment to preparing K-6 students for college at a young age, Wyatt’s mission reads, “We are a learning community united by great teachinghigh academic standards, and rigorous accountability on the tireless pursuit of success for our scholars. We prepare them for high school, college and beyond.”

Due to a declining population in NE Denver, the former school that is now Wyatt Academy shut it’s doors in 1982. According to Chalkbeat:

“In 1996, Edison applied to open a charter school in Denver. Known today as one of the most charter-friendly districts in the country, [Denver] only had two at the time. A group of northeast Denver community members saw an opportunity in Edison’s proposal for the neighborhood’s children — and for the festering Wyatt School building — and agreed to partner with the company.

The Denver school board gave Edison the go-ahead, impressed by its community support, focus on technology and willingness to educate low-income children of color who had historically scored poorly on tests, according to news reports.”

After raising $6 million through local foundations and businesses, Wyatt Academy officially opened its doors in 1998 to improve educational opportunities for low-income students in one of Denver’s poorest neighborhoods. However by 2016, Wyatt’s test scores had dropped to the lowest tier in Denver’s Public School system. Two years later however, and Wyatt has taken tremendous strides in not only improving test scores, but creating an environment dedicated to student success. Denver Public Schools recently released their 2018 School Performance Framework (SPF) with Wyatt earning a green rating in three categories!

We are incredibly proud of the students, faculty and staff at Wyatt Academy for their latest milestone. If you would like to learn more about Wyatt, you can visit their website here.

Wyatt Academy in the Cole Neighborhood of Denver. Photo courtesy, Westword.
Wyatt Academy in the Cole Neighborhood of Denver. Photo courtesy, Westword.