Urban Land Conservancy is saddened to announce the passing of Denver’s former City Librarian, Shirley Amore. We knew Shirley as a true visionary, with a big heart and passionate dedication for the community. ULC worked closely with Shirley at our Mile High Vista property in the West Colfax neighborhood during the construction of the Rodolfo “Corky” Gonzales Library in 2013. Shirley played a critical role in the development of the library, and always encouraged additional resources for local community members.

Shirley made a lasting impression here in Denver, as illustrated by Mayor Hancock’s proclamation of January 27th as “Shirley Amore Day.” To learn more about Shirley and the incredible impact she had on local communities here in Denver, see below (courtesy of Denver Public Library).

– In 2007, with the help of Denver voters and support from City Council, the library renovated 13 branches, performed major upgrades to all branches, and built three new branch libraries, increasing access for Denver residents.

– Two new bookmobiles were purchased and the library expanded services to 23 Denver Public Schools and 22 senior centers.

– The library survived the great recession and came out stronger, including increasing hours from 32 to 48 hours per week at all branches and 52 hours per week at five branches.

– The library strengthened its relationship with the Friends Foundation, helping it grow into a strong organization focused on raising money and support for the library.

– Shirley led the organization through expanded mission and vision work by studying the community and developing strategies to make a positive difference in the lives of Denver residents.

– Summer of Reading, Storytimes, early learning programs and out-of-school learning programs were put in place.

– BizBoost was created to help businesses and organizations with business and organizational development.

– The Community Technology Center was created, along with the ideaLAB, to give residents free, unparalleled access to technology resources.

Shirley was an incredible friend to so many, including her colleagues and the countless people she went out of her way to help in the library. She will be greatly missed and we are happy to be part of the legacy she has left behind.

Shirley Amore and Councilman Paul D. Lopez in front of the Rodolfo "Corky" Gonzales Library.
Shirley Amore and Councilman Paul D. Lopez in front of the Rodolfo "Corky" Gonzales Library.