On June 12, Urban Land Conservancy (ULC) released a report detailing the rebirth of Holly Square following gang arson in 2008 that left the Holly Shopping Center in rumbles. In “The Story of Holly Square: Gangs Leave Ashes, Residents Rebuild the Heart of A Neighborhood,” Alan Gottlieb tells the rich history of the Holly in Northeast Park Hill, and the events that brought us where we are today.

ULC officially released the report at the 2018 Park Hill Early Literacy Initiative Kickoff event at the Boys & Girls Club in Holly Square. We are beyond excited to release this report to the public, as we believe it tells an important story: one of community, hope, pride and courage. The redevelopment of Holly Square did not happen overnight – it took countless hours, hundreds of volunteers and unwavering community support. Today, the Holly is a thriving children’s campus, with Roots Elementary, the John A. Vickers Boys and Girls Club, the Hope Center, The Hiawatha Recreation Center and the Pauline Robinson Library all within walking distance of one another.

Thank you to ALL of our incredible partners and community members that made the redevelopment of Holly Square a reality. We personally would like to thank the NE Park Hill residents, HARP, The Denver Foundation, Terry Ware, Gerie Grimes, Jann Oldham, Kathy Luna and Alan Gottlieb for your dedication and support.