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ULC opposes Amendment 74: As millions prepare to cast their votes in the coming week, Urban Land Conservancy (ULC) is strongly opposing State Constitution Amendment 74 on the ballot this year, as it directly hurts the communities and people we serve.

Drafted by the oil and gas industry in response to Proposition 112, Amendment 74 would adjust the State Constitution “to require that property owners be compensated for the devaluation of their property due to government action.” (Denver Post) Due to the hasty creation of the bill, taxpayers would pay the brunt of Amendment 74 if passed – primarily due to an overwhelming increase in litigation. As lawsuits increase, taxpayers’ dollars are immediately put to use, causing many critical services to suffer. This includes our work of expanding affordable housing and nonprofit facilities in Colorado as the amendment would overburden state and local budgets, reducing needed resources to support our work.

In addition to ULC, opponents to the Amendment are bipartisan and include more than 120 elected officials, over 100 cities and counties, and hundreds of organizations (No74). These organizations and institutions include the Governor of Colorado, City of Denver, City of Colorado Springs, the Denver Post, the Colorado Municipal League, the Colorado Association of Realtors, Colorado Coalition for the Homeless and hundreds more.

Opposition from across Colorado is strong and compelling: Amendment 74 will negatively alter our Constitution, and the immediate affect on taxpayers will prove disastrous.

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