ULC’s recent acquisition of the Thriftway property in Westwood is the first step towards an exciting new presence in Denver’s Westwood community. The Thriftway shopping center has been abandoned for over 15 years and during this time became a common site for violence and crime. Councilman Paul D. López describes the site, “This building has long been a symbol of the blight and neglect of this neighborhood. Through the work of our office, OED, ULC and residents, it will soon be the symbol of positive changes and redevelopment in Westwood.”


To celebrate the demolition of this crime-ridden eye sore ULC is hosting a “new beginnings” event at the site, 4401 Morrison Road, on Wednesday, September 3rd from 9:30-11am.  Mayor Michael B. Hancock, OED Director Paul Washington, and Councilman López will be joining us to celebrate this important moment for the Westwood community. Each will make a few remarks to local residents and stakeholders at the gathering.

After demolition ULC will redevelop the site to fit the neighborhood’s needs which will be determined through a community engagement process led by Westwood Unidos. While the site is empty it will be used for events, such as the BuCu West Chili Fest on September 13th.

It is truly the partnerships with Councilman Lopez, the City of Denver, the Trust for Public Land, and especially the active residents of Westwood Unidos that have made this impact investment possible, and we want to thank all of the individuals involved for their hard work and dedication. We can’t wait to discover what this catalytic site will become!

To read more about this property check out the article on Denver Business Journal.