On Tuesday afternoon, Urban Land Conservancy (ULC) and the world learned of the shooting that took place at STEM School in Highlands Ranch. Not only is ULC saddened by this tragic event, we are bewildered that this marks our nation’s 15th school shooting in 2019 alone.

ULC’s friends and partners at A+ Colorado captured our sentiment perfectly, “This cannot become our new normal. Schools are places for students to explore, to grow, and to make sense of the world. But school shootings don’t and will never make sense. Fear, and the risk of a school shooting, makes the task of learning, and the process of teaching and engaging with students far more challenging.”

As we work to process how schools have become a common ground for violent and life threatening behavior, it is time – and it has been time for many years – to put an end to school shootings. There is not one simple solution to addressing this sensitive and complex issue, a myriad of changes must be made. ULC stands in solidarity with the many children, families, teachers and first responders who were affected by Tuesday’s event, and our thoughts are with the STEM School family.