Dear Friends;

As we do each year, Urban Land Conservancy honors the birthday of Cesar Chávez, which will officially be celebrated on March 31. This also marks the end of a very pivotal and tumultuous month for the world. The impacts of COVID-19 and subsequent measures Coloradans are having to take, along with citizens across the globe, are unprecedented. Ending this month with our observation of the life and work of Cesar Chavez could not be any more fitting, in my opinion.

Chávez dedicated his life to improving the treatment, pay, and working conditions for immigrant farm workers. He knew all too well the hardships farm workers face. Although Chávez and the United Farm Workers were successful in enacting the first Bill of Rights for agricultural workers in 1975, there is still far more to do. Click learn more.

As US cities and states are going into mandated sheltering-in-place, the Department of Homeland Security has detailed a list of “essential workers.” A very prominent group of essential workers are farmworkers and agriculturalists, a sector that continues to struggle for fair pay and essential benefits like so many others we count as “essential” during this time of crisis: food service workers, construction workers, childcare providers, building cleaning and facilities staff, homeless providers, human services, sanitation workers, mail carriers, police, fire fighters, and healthcare providers.

ULC recognizes and honors the many critical workers and organizations on the front lines at this time—many who are our clients, our facilities staff, and friends. It is our mission to do all we are able to support them and the communities they serve.

May the recognition of these essential people be translated into fair economic status now and long after the crisis subsides.

Stay well,

Aaron Miripol, President and CEO