There is a threshold past which Colorado will no longer be a place offering something for everyone. We are rapidly approaching that threshold. If we want to ensure a sound future for all Coloradans, we need to act now, and education, housing, and health are the pinnacle issues that need to be addressed with real solutions and real dollars. That’s why Urban Land Conservancy (ULC) endorses Proposition EE.

For the past 17 years, ULC has worked diligently to acquire and preserve land and develop affordable residential and commercial real estate with and for communities at risk for displacement. Our tenants are primarily nonprofit organizations, including early education providers and healthcare providers. Their work is our work.

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Taxes on cigarettes, nicotine vape, and tobacco products will not only support community health, particularly for teens, but it will protect public schools from the worst of the budget cuts facing them and ensure that working families have the opportunity to choose the best start for their child by sending them to preschool. In addition, this initiative provides a dedicated stream of funding for affordable housing.

This measure is the kind of opportunity that can change the trajectory of a state. Are we going to remain a place where everyone can enjoy a high quality of life, or will residents need to move out of state to access quality education, healthcare, and housing they can afford? We vote yes on Colorado. We vote yes on Proposition EE.

Aaron Miripol, President and CEO, Urban Land Conservancy