On June 30, On Common Ground: International Perspectives on the Community Land Trust was released! A collection of 26 original essays, written by 42 scholars and  practitioners from a dozen countries, the book traces the growth and diversification of the community land trust movement. The publisher, Center for Community Land Trust Innovation, is a non-profit organization that supports the development of community land struts and similar strategies throughout the world. 

In the chapter entitled, The Burden of Patience in a Long March Toward Racial Justice, Grounded Solution Networks CEO, Tony Pickett highlights the challenge of addressing decades of inequities in housing and land ownership. Pickett says, “Our most experienced seasoned practitioners must be prepared to “pass the baton” in the march toward equity.” 

ULC’s unique community land trust model was also featured in the book in a chapter entitled Stewardship of Urban Real Estate for Long-Term Community Benefit. We are thankful for the many contributions made by our partners Citywide Bank, Medici Consulting Group, and Brinshore Development, to ensure the book became a reality. 

To learn more about the book, please click here, and look to ULC’s newsletter to see a feature on John Emmeus Davis, one of the book’s editors who is the guru of community land trusts.