During the celebrations for Denver’s new University of Colorado A Line Commuter Rail on April 23rd, Urban Land Conservancy presented the future 303 ArtWay to the public.

Proposed as a pedestrian and bike friendly urban trail, 303 ArtWay will connect Greater Park Hill residents to the new 40th and Colorado Rail Station. The nine mile loop was conceived by ULC, and plans were drawn after receiving a grant from Art Place America.

This past weekend’s events offered the perfect opportunity for ULC to showcase the trail, and did so with booths at two of the new A Line stations: 40th and Colorado along with Stapleton’s Central Park Station. The booths were used to educate passersby about 303 ArtWay, and to get local residents excited for what will hopefully be a popular and frequented trail.

Volunteers from Metro Station University, Platte Forum and Northeast Transportation Connections manned the two booths and offered information regarding the future trail. The volunteers hosted an array of activities, including questionnaires and surveys prompting community feedback regarding the design and art choices for the urban trail. The booths also set up space for children to draw pictures depicting their vision for 303 ArtWay.

The entire day was a huge success both for the newly opened A Line Commuter Rail and for 303 ArtWay as well. ULC is thrilled that we another opportunity to engage the community and collect feedback on how to design a trail that will best support residents. We look forward to turning this vision into a reality!