To address the immediate and growing need for the preservation and development of affordable housing and community-serving space in the municipalities surrounding Denver, ULC has expanded its reach, over the past several years, to include Aurora, Fort Collins, and Westminster. 

Last year, ULC purchased two adjacent properties, totaling 5.5 acres at the Westminster Station along RTD’s B-Line Commuter Rail. These acquisitions, known as Westminster Station Transit Oriented Development, will eventually become the sites for affordable housing and community serving commercial and retail space. Not only will these developments provide an opportunity to maintain affordability in a growing, popular area, their proximity  to the commuter rail that travels straight to Downtown Denver will be an added bonus. In fact, RTD’s B Line currently has the highest ridership in the region. 

ULC has worked closely with the City of Westminster to ensure our plans support their Station Area Specific Plan and to create the most benefit for the community. We also support other affordable housing projects in the area like the Harris Park Senior Housing Development and the St. Charles Housing Project, known as St. Mark’s Village, through participation in neighborhood meetings and public hearings.