ULC recently switched our coffee supply order, but not due to changing espresso tastes. We switched to support an incredible organization by the name of Purple Door Coffee, a specialty espresso bar and coffee company in Denver, Colorado that employs young adults who have experienced homelessness and want to leave homelessness behind. Their mission is to “reclaim and sustain the lives of homeless youth and young adults through supportive and meaningful employment”. They choose the color purple to represent royalty, and to remind everyone that they deserve respect and kindness, regardless of their past. 

Purple Door was founded in April of 2013 through the organization Dry Bones Denver and Belay. Dry Bones is a tenant at ULC’s Downing Nonprofit Tower, who meets the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of houseless and street-connected youth and young adults by equipping and inspiring all involved to relieve suffering, facilitate reconciliation, and free the heart to love. Belay is a ministry that partners with area churches to develop businesses to employ and job-train individuals rebuilding lives from addiction, homelessness, prison, and poverty. 

Purple Door was a dream of Dry Bones for many years. They knew that employment and job training was one of the greatest unmet needs present for young adults experiencing homelessness, and that a space to do this, would be key to helping individuals transition off the streets. Now that the dream is a reality, individuals able to work at Purple Door learn transferable skills that will help them out of homelessness and enables them to reclaim their lives.   

Guided by their motto that “every individual, no matter what they’ve done or haven’t done, has unsurpassable value and worth and deserves to be treated like royalty” Purple Coffee is making an extraordinary difference in our community.

ULC is proud to support such an impactful organization, and we hope you will consider ordering coffee from Purple Door too! To learn more visit their website, donate, or order coffee.