The Urban Land Conservancy celebrates the achievements of its partnerships that create and preserve nonprofit facilities and affordable housing for communities in metro Denver. ULC’s Monthly Partner Spotlight is awarded to partners who demonstrate the value of collaboration, furthering our mission to improve the lives of Metro Denver residents through our real estate investments and community assets.

Each month, Urban Land Conservancy dedicates our Partner Spotlight to a member of the community striving to make Denver a more equitable place for all. As we have seen with past feature spotlights, this ranges from local councilmembers dedicating careers to their constituents, nonprofit organizations fighting for a more livable and equitable city and early childhood education centers promoting quality education for all. It is because of these trusted partnerships that ULC is able to further our mission day in and day out, ensuring the long-term benefit of our surrounding communities through the acquisition, preservation and development of real estate. In direct collaboration with our partners, ULC aims to curb displacement through our investments including affordable housing preservation and development along transit, nonprofit community facilities and schools.

ULC's Tramway Nonprofit Center.
ULC's Tramway Nonprofit Center.

As ULC continues to expand our reach throughout metro Denver, our internal operations must support this growth. Since our founding in 2003, ULC has grown from a staff of one, to fourteen full time employees. In our 14 years, our investments have provided direct benefit to the neighborhoods we work in, and we are proud to be a vital partner in preserving affordability and battling displacement. For these reasons, we thought it was important to highlight a team within ULC for our Partner Spotlight of the Month. After a thorough search, ULC is proud to announce that we have a fully staffed Asset Management team. It is safe to say that a successful business is similar to a well-oiled machine, and for ULC, the success of our work to support our mission is directly dependent upon our staff members.

ULC’s Asset Management team is the direct point of contact to the hundreds of residents and nonprofit tenants living and working in our properties. To date, ULC has acquired 28 properties, investing over $70 million since 2003. Some of these properties have since been redeveloped to serve nonprofits, some have undergone significant capital improvements, some have been developed into new mixed-use affordable housing and others are now part of ULC’s Community Land Trust. It is the job of our Assets team to handle the long-term support of all ULC assets. Their day-to-day functions range from managing and leasing ULC’s commercial space, recommending and financing capital improvement projects, and the overall maintenance of each property to ensure operations run smoothly.

We are thrilled to officially welcome our newest employees on the ULC Assets team. Joining Rebecca Landau, ULC’s Property Manager and Emily DeSimone, ULC’s Asset and Compliance Associate, we are proud to introduce Tim Winn as our Facilities Manager and John Bissell as the Director of Property Assets. Both positions will support the continued management, rehabilitation and overall property maintenance of ULC’s assets moving forward.

Tim Winn joined our team as the Facilities Manager in August. Tim comes to ULC with extensive knowledge in project management, construction and remodeling, facilities management and building code compliance among many other applicable attributes. Winn has worked as a Facilities Manager in the past for the Edison Schools in Denver, and will bring the necessary skills and knowledge to his new role here at ULC. As our Facilities Manager, Tim will be responsible for ensuring that our assets operate efficiently. He will oversee the stewardship of the properties that ULC directly manages, and will be expected to find solutions to a range of maintenance projects. We are thrilled to have someone with his past knowledge and expertise in this role!

John Bissell, ULC's Director of Property Assets.

John Bissell joins our team as the Director of Property Assets, and will oversee the Assets department. With over 24 years of industry experience in a maintenance director role, John has overseen contracts, maintenance staff, recruiting and the optimization of net operating income throughout his career. In his new role at ULC, John will not only manage the Assets team, but is responsible for making decisions the that impact the financial performance of ULC’s property assets. In the Director position, John will work closely with our third party property managers (as some of ULC’s assets are not directly managed in house) to ensure the overall success of these properties. He will also be the lead for all properties managed by ULC, with responsibilities including cash flow management, third party contract negotiations, capital improvement projects and the overall guidance of our property assets. We believe that John brings a wide array of experience to the table, and will go above and beyond to ensure the success of our properties.

The Assets Department is essential to the overall success of our organization. As ULC’s properties perform well – the communities in which we work directly reap the benefits. The impact of our investments allows ULC to fully succeed in our mission, promote economic development, stimulate job creation and revitalize communities in diverse neighborhoods. ULC’s past investments are testament to our goals of providing communities with schools, affordable housing nonprofit commercial space to improve neighborhoods for future generations. Congratulations to an outstanding Assets team – we are looking forward to big things in the coming years!

ULC's Mountain View Nonprofit Tower
ULC's Mountain View Nonprofit Tower
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