Dear Friends,

As usually uplifting spring holidays arrive amidst these trying times, I find it heartening to see so many people pitching in to help those who need it most. I’ve been especially impressed by the work of ULC’s many partners. One great example is Knotty Tie, located in ULC’s Santa Fe Ten building in the La Alma Lincoln Park neighborhood. They are a unique and socially-minded business that employs recently resettled refugees in Metro Denver.

Usually, the company makes apparel like ties and scarves, but with recent concerns about diminishing supplies of personal protective equipment for medical professionals and Governor Polis’s request that all Coloradans wear face masks in public, Knotty Tie quickly changed gears. In light of current circumstances, the organization is prioritizing our hospitals, healthcare professionals, and foundations to aid medical professionals fighting to keep our communities healthy. Thanks to the generosity of the Colorado Hospital Association and The Colorado Health Foundation, Knotty Tie has been working to supply tens of thousands of masks for rural hospitals across the state at no cost to them.

To support their social mission of providing meaningful employment to resettled refugees, Knotty Tie is also making face masks for Coloradan residents. Not only do their masks help protect the wearer, they also send a visual reminder that we should all be doing our part in reducing the spread of COVID-19. For more information, visit their website here.

Dry Bones Denver is another of our partners who exemplify grit and perseverance in meeting the needs of the communities they serve. A tenant of ULC’s Mountain View Nonprofit Tower, Dry Bones remains committed to meeting spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of houseless and street-connected youth and young adults in the downtown Denver area as well as the unique challenges presented by the coronavirus pandemic.

ULC values the efforts of community partners, like Knotty Tie and Dry Bones, organizations that ensure everyone, including the most vulnerable, get to the other side of this pandemic, and we will continue to work diligently to create more affordable spaces for mission-minded tenants who address the needs of our community.

Stay well,

Aaron Miripol